Digital Marketing Solutions for your Small Business 


davidposterBEe Advertised provides complete Digital Marketing Solutions for small business without the hassle of complication or the need for a large marketing budget. We realise the stresses and strains of starting or expanding your business and that is whh we are happy to work to your budget.

“We hold the solution to your confusion.”

Based in Navan, Co. Meath. BEe Advertised is a brand developed by David Browne to provide Digital Marketing Solutions to Small to Medium size Business owners

Using all of the most recent trends and techniques we make sure that your business is positioned well on social media and search engines so your audience can find you, see clearly what you can provide for them and most of all can interact with you.



Website Starter Package
Creation of a 5 page static webpage
Domain and Hosting for 1 year
5 Email Addresses
Fully SEO Optimised
Google Analytics Reporting
WordPress Starter Package
Creation of 5-7 page dynamic Website
Domain and Hosting for 1 year
Unlimited Email Addresses
Photo Gallery
Fully SEO Optimised
Google Analytics
Google Map
Social Media + Blog Integrated
WordPress Pro Package
Creation of 10-15 page dynamic Website
Domain and Hosting for 1 year
Unlimited Email Addresses
Photo Gallery
Fully SEO Optimised
Google Analytics
Google Map
Social Media + Blog Integrated
Newsletter Mailing System

What is WordPresswordpress-banner?

WordPress is one of the biggest if not THE biggest Content Management Systems on the planet. It is the backbone of the Internet, WordPress is used by 26.8% of all the websites, that is a content management system market share of 58.9%.

Why Use WordPress.

  • WordPress is very simple to manage with little or no tech knowledge.
  • WordPress is easily customisable
  • WordPress is open source meaning it has millions of developers all over the world
  • WordPress websites can be edited from anywhere, off almost any device
  • WordPress is very Search Engine Friendly
  • WordPress themes can be changed and customised very simply, meaning you can change your website Look and Feel, without changing the content.
  • WordPress has millions of plugins available, this means you can add new functionality to your website in minutes and you dont even need to know how to code.
  • The WordPress Community is made up of thousands of users of all sorts of experience levels who are ready to support each other on technical issues.
  • WordPress websites are mobile friendly meaning you dont have to code a separate website for mobile users.
  • WordPress is established, it is over 10 yeears old and has outgrown many web development platforms and continues to do so and I predict it will for many years to come.
  • BEST of all WordPress is completely free, and when they say free they mean completely free there is no subscriptions or renewals, there never has been and there never will be, all you need to pay for is the hosting, maintenance and the design*.

*some developers charge to use there plugins and themes and that is perfectly legitimate

BEe Advertised, based in Navan, Co. Meath, provides a complete Digital Marketing solution for all types of businesses. With almost 20 years web experience we are well positioned to help grow your business online. BEe Advertised can offer a range of digital marketing service services to help your company achieve the best return on investment from you website, social media and digital presence.

With tried and tested techniques which are constantly being tweaked and improved along with industry standards and best practice. And a network of skilled professionals Graphic Designers, Printers and Video Producers, we can offer a complete digital marketing strategy and solution.

All of our websites are designed using full responsive web layouts and our search engine optimisation (SEO) knowledge will ensure your audience hear your message loud and clear.

Working closely with you, we will get to know more about your business and help you to use the latest technology to achieve your goal

Local SEO

pizzaFinding a product or service online can take seconds but that result may not be a local result. It is vital that you show up in Local Search Results

As it search results have evolved Google wants to give users the results that they want, and very often these results are location based. There is point in finding a plumber in Dubai if you are searching for a local plumber in Dublin.

As more and more searches are made on mobile devices with GPS its is less likely users will search for a place name, they can ask Google something like “Find me a Pizza Restaurant nearby”

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